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Powerstroke Performance Engine

Powerstroke Performance Engine

If you need a new engine for your truck, South Houston Engines has what you need. Our selection of Powerstroke engines offers the variety you need to find the engine that meets your needs. For a high-quality Powerstroke performance engine, trust our services.

Why Choose Diesel

A performance diesel engine from South Houston Engines is high quality, which means it will work great for the vehicle you use it in. And when you choose a diesel engine, you’ll receive a number of other benefits:

  • Increased fuel economy: Diesel produces more power with each unit than standard gasoline. This means that you get a better mpg than you would with a regular gas-powered engine.
  • More power: Diesel is the best choice for a truck designed to carry heavy loads because it has more hauling power and better acceleration.
  • Longer life span: Our engines are designed to be durable and long-lasting, which means you get the most for your money. When you choose one of our Powerstroke diesel engines, you can trust that your engine will run smoothly for years to come.

Diesel is the number-one choice for trucks of all shapes and sizes, and we know that you can find the diesel engine that works for you.

Why Choose Powerstroke

We carry top engine brands, including Powerstroke. And our Powerstroke engines come in a variety of models for every driver. You can choose from a range of 4.5 to 7.3 Powerstroke engines, including a 6.0 Powerstroke performance engine.

With a performance engine, you get even more added benefits. These engines are designed to keep your truck running smoothly and are custom-built for 2003–2007 Ford trucks. You can learn more about all the performance engine features to see all that they offer.

Why Choose Us

Our engine company has been around since 1990, providing quality products and competitive pricing. If you’re ready to choose an engine from our inventory, call us today at (713) 910-1212.